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Date: 11/7/2022
Subject: November 2022 Newsletter
From: LWVMC Communications

  • President's Message
  • November Lunch Meeting
  • Let's Celebrate & Review 2022 
  • Vote411 Updates
  • LWV Note Cards for Sale
  • Club Express Tips
  • Membership Committee Opportunities
  • Observer Corps Updates
  • Environmental "Hazardous Waste Dropoff"
  • Candidate Forums Facts
  • NC Trusted Elections Tour
  • League Links

Tues Nov 8
Election Day
6:30 am - 7:30 pm
Tues Nov 15 - 11:00 am
League Monthly Meeting
Little River Resort
Sat Nov 19 - 10:00 am
Clean-up for Safety
Pinecrest High School 
Mon Dec 5 - 5:00 pm 
Let's Celebrate & Review 2022
Chamber of Commerce, Southern Pines


Here’s to Election Day 2022! 

The League is hard at work to ensure fair and secure elections now and for the future, especially as we experience the fragility of our democracy.  
Our local League deserves much credit for an amazing array of accomplishments this fall:

•  Numerous energetic voter registration and education opportunities throughout the county
Two WELL-attended candidate Forums in partnership with the NAACP
 VOTE411 efforts that educated 1000’s of voters
 Extensive press coverage of League election activities
 Consistent and continued monitoring of every Board of Elections meeting
 Partnership with the Carter Center for the Trusted Elections Tour event with a record turnout
 League members featured on the Bill Sahadi radio show 
 400 hand-written postcards reached sporadic voters in under-represented areas of our county
 40,000 VOTE411 bookmarks were created and widely distributed over a 6-county area
 new LWVMC website was launched with extensive election info

 Hundreds of volunteer hours were contributed, with the active involvement of 80+ League members!  Profound thanks to all who made this possible – including paying League dues!

 As League members, we each care deeply about democracy and about this election. 

So, please celebrate all that we have contributed as a League, remember that change happens slowly (It took more than 70 years after the Seneca Falls Convention for the 19th Amendment to be passed), and please take care of yourselves – connect with friends / family, nature, and gratitude in this month of Thanksgiving.

 Hope to see you at the luncheon meeting next week!

With much thanks,  

Peggy Crawford

President, LWVMC

Reservations:  Agnes Gioconda

Save the Date to Celebrate!
Let's Celebrate & Review 2022
Mark your calendar for Monday, December 5th, 5–7 pm
Chamber of Commerce, Southern Pines
Join us for cocktails and conversation as we review and celebrate 2022.
Additional details will be available soon.

  • The LWVMC covered 5 counties for VOTE411 in the Midterm Election.
  • In Moore County, 77% of the candidates completed profiles–the 4th highest response rate in NC!
  • Thank your candidates who responded and shared their positions with the voters!


This beautiful 5 x 7 card on pearl shimmer card stock is a great way to support  

the League of Women Voters of Moore County

• a holiday greeting 

• in honor of a special occasion 

or celebration

• offering congratulations

• to say "thinking of you"

• a thank you note

$10.00 each or 3 for $20.00

contact Marcey Katzman at to order cards


One of the most useful--and important--things you can do on our website,, is manage your profile.  You are in charge of your information. You can share as much-or as little as you would like.   So how do you do this?  Keep reading for a step-step guide on how to populate your own profile. 

  1. Log into the website by clicking on "MEMBER LOGIN"
  2. Click on the down arrow to the right of your name and select PROFILE.  You will see a page with many options.
  3. Click on "BASIC MEMBER INFORMATIONto verify your name, address and phone number(s).
  4. Click on "ADDITIONAL MEMBER DATA" to answer a few basic questions.
  5. Click on "GENERAL INFORMATION" to control what information is visible to others, upload a photo, pick a banner image and write a brief biography.
  6. Click "USER NAME OR PASSWORDto change your logon credentials.


You can also add a credit card if you desire, view your transaction history and much more on this page. 


To see a more in-depth how-to information on this page, click the QUESTION MARK on the right hand side for an interactive how-to guide or the VIDEO CAMERA icon to watch a 17 minute video about managing your profile.


Explore and have fun!  And remember, we are always here to answer questions.  You can call Shirlee or Jay (hint: go to the membership directory on the home page to see our contact information)


Your Membership Committee Needs You


 If you are looking for a way to get involved with the League, consider signing up for the Membership Committee.

 It's not a major time commitment and is a great way to meet and interact with members. We greet members at the monthly meetings and plan new member orientations.

 Our major goals for the year are to:

  1. Increase numbers and diversity of members
  2. Encourage the involvement of members so we can fulfill the goals of the League
  3. Assist with the development of leadership 

 If interested, contact Agnes Gioconda at or 314-899-6130. 


  “Elections have Consequences” may have relevance as most observers will experience newly elected board members at upcoming meetings.  The Corps will be watching the impact on board operations, especially, the Board of Education and the County Commissioners.

  Thank you to the LWVMC Board of Elections Team for the time and commitment in observing many regularly scheduled meetings.

  Agnes Gioconda, Kelly Hardy and Holly Powell have been attending the counting of absentee ballots.  Their observation reports are submitted to our League and also to the State League to help in verifying fair elections.

  Meetings will continue after election day.


Quick Facts 

• 6 Board of Education candidates
• 5 County Commissioner candidates
• 350+ attendees and many more watching live stream
• 7 weeks of planning
• ~150 volunteer-hours
• 20 volunteers 
• 5 letters to the editor of the Pilot mentioning forums

  Working with the NAACP, the LWVMC sponsored two very successful candidate forums in October.  Six candidates for Moore County School Board met on October 13 and five candidates for Moore County Commissioner met on October 18 to answer questions submitted by League members and the live audience.

  Peggy Crawford, Jay Emery, Terry Heller, Marcey Katzman, Shirlee Sanderson and Bob Howell (from NAACP) met weekly to plan all aspects of the forums from security to publicity to communication with the candidates.   They were joined by many others that greeted the public, kept time and curated audience questions at Pinehurst Village Hall.  The forums were expertly moderated by our own Jo Nicholas, President of LWVNC.  Towanna Dixon, Director of the Moore County Board of Elections also addressed the audience, assuring those present of the integrity of our elections. 

Many thanks to everyone who made the 2022 candidate forums a huge success. 


The Work of the Trusted Elections Tour Continues

  The Carter Center sponsored Trusted Election Tour was deemed a success with events held throughout the state in each voting district. Our own event held on September 27 at Sandhills Community College drew the largest attendance of any in the state. Organizers don’t plan to rest on their laurels and will continue their mission through the 2024 election. 

  Special emphasis on concerns and messaging to the public on runoffs, recounts, disruptions or any other complications with the midterm elections is their main focus from now through Election Day. Maintaining a safe and secure environment for voters and election workers before, during and after the November 8 election is the top priority. Educating the public so they have confidence in our election process and go to the polls to vote is the ultimate goal.

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